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Kingdom of Eden - 9KM World - Everyone Welcome

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Server Rules & Information!
    1. Be kind and respectful to each other
    2. Make sure to clean up your Rocks, Tree's & Tree Pulp!!
       Leaving them around lags the server and will cause you to go broke!!
       Cleaning up your tree debris will give you Edenite, which you can spend at the various stores!
    3. This is a LARGE map, please give space around your neighbours (10 Land Claims [50 blocks] between you) (unless you ask them and they're ok with it)
    4. Please do NOT modify the stores in the Commercial District We've designed the Commercial District the way we would like it too look.
    5. Inactivity:  Players who have not logged in after 7 straight days are considered Inactive, those who haven't done so within 10 are considered Deserters.
       If you're planning on or need to be gone more than 7 days please ask an admin give you the title, "On Vacation"  Failure to do so will result in catastrophic consequences!
       Players who are under the demographic Inactive will be taxed %15 for every half day they're inactive after the 7th day up until day 10 in which case they'll become Deserters
       Players who are under the demographic Deserters will be taxed 100% & have all their land seized by the government.

I can't make a shop!!! How do the stores work on this server!?!!???

So, to make a store on our server, you need to travel to one of the Commercial District's and find an empty store plot. 1 Store per Account
Once you've found an empty store plot, you'll then need 2 land claim papers, to claim the plot, once you've done thisyou'll then be allowed to place your store down, each store has two stock piles underneath the building Corresponding with their unit numbers for your goods

For Example:  Unit 5 Has Stockpiles named Store 5A & Store 5B etc. you're also able to place in chest's if you need to.
ONLY! use the stockpiles corresponding to your stores unit number!!
Unfortunately for your store sign you'll need to let an Admin know what you want your sign to say (this is because of the way we designed the layout of the stores)

Have fun!

Server Admins
Crazzyt9 & Farmer Jon